Saturday, 30 December 2017

The Lord Jesus Christ the Messiah

                                                         Messiah - The True Messiah
                         Plan of the Gospel
                                                 The Lord Jesus Christ the Messiah
                          Matthew                       Mark                            Luke                             John

Status               The King                       The Priest                     The Prophet                 The Son of God
                         The Messiah                 The Messiah                 The Messiah                The Messiah
                          David                             Melckizedek                 Moses                          God the Father
                         (Abraham)                     (Aaron)                         (Adam)                         (The Angel of God)

Theme              Jesus the Messiah         Jesus the Messiah        Jesus the Messiah        Jesus the Messiah
                         King of the Jews            Servant of God             Son of Man                  Son of God

Manifest           His Kingdom                  His Obedience              His Grace                    His Divinity

Is 53:1-2          Jer. 33:15                        Zac. 3:8                        Zac. 6:12                      Is 4:2 
Tender Plan      The Branch                       The Branch                    The Branch                    The Branch

Genealogy       From Abraham               No genealogy               From Adam                 From Eternity
                         From David                    for Servant                   Seed of the woman     No genealogy
Ezekiel 1:10     Lion                                Ox                                Man                              Eagle
Colour in the    Purple                            Scarlet                          Fine linen                      Blue sky
Tabernacle       Royalty                          Affliction/Sufferance     Purity                             Divinity
The Ark of         The Tables                    The Rod of Aaron         The Manna                    The Mercy Seat 
the Covenant    of the Law                        

Verses in the     Mt 2:2                           Mark 10:45                   Luke 4:18                      John 20:31
specific              Mt 1:6                           Mark 9:35                     Luke 4:32                      John 1:1
theme of the      Mt 3:2                           Mark 10:44                   Luke 2:40                     John 10:30
Gospel               Mt 5:3, 10                     Mark 12:4                     Luke 13:33                   John 14:9-11
                          Mt 21:25                       Mark 14:65                    Luke 24:19                   John 3:16
Verse in the       Mark 15:32                   Mt 23:11                        Mt 13:54                       Mt 14:33
other Gospel      Luke 23:38                  Luke 1:69                       Mark 6:15                     Mark 1:1
                          John 12:15                   John 10:11                     John 7:40                     Luke 9:35
Testament         Ps 24:10                      Ps 110:4                         Deut. 18:15;18              Isaiah 9:6

There are many other illustrations and verses to be added to this plan.

According to the Gospel the Lord Jesus said 12 times to the disciples that He have to go to Jerusalem and suffer

Moreover in all the Gospels the Lord Jesus Christ is presented in all his status, but certainly there are a different emphasis each Gospel.